Jonathan Rhys Meyers Sentenced For Threatening to Kill Police Officers

November 17, 2011 By:
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Sentenced For Threatening to Kill Police Officers

The Tudors actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been fined $1,350 for threatening to kill three police officers.

Who knew that Jonathan Rhys Meyers was out in the world wreaking havoc? I thought he was modeling Versace sunglasses for a living now?

The troubled actor has had issues with alcoholism for many years and in June of 2009 he got into an alcohol fueled rage at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport where he punched a waiter and threatened the lives of several police officers and their families and was arrested. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Lindsay Lohan should meet, they’d probably have a lot in common.

So anyways, he was not present at his sentencing and after the judge declared the actor “extremely aggressive” he was only slapped with the fine and a one-month suspended jail sentence.

His lawyer, Vincent Toledano, appeared at the French courthouse and asked that the drunk and disorderly charges be dropped and described Meyers as a “fragile man” and a “fairly weak person” who “suffers his demons” and has been “harmed by fame.” At the end of the day, he still punched a waiter and told someone that he’d kill them.

However, since this incident was two years ago, Meyers has since apologized to his victims and offered them an undisclosed monetary compensation.

Meyers has, what I can only describe as something of an “airport problem.” In 2007 he was arrested for public drunkenness at the Dublin airport in Ireland but the charges were eventually dropped. In May 2010 he was banned for life from United Airlines after being drunk and belligerent at an airport in New York.

The troubled actor has been to rehab three times in recent years and was hospitalized over the summer after overdosing on pills. At the time, a source told People magazine, “He just really wants to get better, this has been an ongoing battle for him.”

And last year when he was banned for life from United Airlines, his girlfriend at the time, make-up heiress Reena Hammer, reportedly told him, “Check into rehab or I’m dumping you.”

However, the couple is still together, so he must be cleaning up his act. However, the actor has also gotten into trouble with his girlfriend. In 2006, Rhys-Meyers and Hammer got into such a loud argument that neighbors thought the couple was getting violent and they were both arrested.

Rhys-Meyers addressed that drama at the time, “No we didn’t punch each other…we were having a bit of a screaming match and the neighbors called the cops because they didn’t know who was screaming.”