Want To De-Virginize A Jonas Brother?

September 26, 2008 By:
Want To De-Virginize A Jonas Brother?

Jordin Sparks is not going to be a fan of this contest. A Grand Rapids, Michigan radio station 104.5 WSNX is holding a contest for fans to try and de-flower one of the Jonas Brothers! Talk about turning the tables.

Have you ever heard of a contest to try and get three teenage guys to have sex? It sounds too easy! It's called the Jump A Jonas competition, and
according to contest rules, the first person who can prove they have had consensual sex with Kevin or Joe Jonas (sixteen-year-old Nick Jonas is not eligible because he is underage) will win a $10,000 grand prize. Kind of skanky, but totally hilarious!

What's really disturbing, is how the alleged winner will show proof of the act. That's something we definitely would not like to see.