Jonas Mother "Prays" For Her Sons Virginity

June 4, 2009 By:
Jonas Mother

Denise Jonas, who is the mother of superstars Nick, Kevin and Joe "prays" that her sons stay virgins until they get married. The Jonas Brothers currently wear purity rings.

Denise knows that men have desires and she really hope they don't give into temptation until they tie the knot.

She says: "They are men. They have desires. They have testosterone. If they make a mistake, I'm not going to hate them. I don't think they are above or below being seduced. I would be foolish if I thought that. I pray for them."

Sorry Denise, but chances are the boys are gonna slip. If not all three, at least one won't be a virgin. Which Jonas Brother do you guys think will give into temptation?