Jonas Brothers Wouldn't Date A Fan

September 13, 2008 By:
Jonas Brothers Wouldn't Date A Fan

This one is going to be rough on all you hard-core Jonas Brothers fans. The pop group has vowed never to date a fan!

Kevin Jonas says, "We wouldn't really want a girl we dated to be a fan. We love to date but it's almost impossible with our schedule. We're on the road at least 265 days a year, so forming any significant relationship with someone is too difficult."

They hardly know what city they're in or what day it is, so maintaining a relationship would basically be impossible--unless it was someone they were touring with. Hmmm...

Even if you can't date Kevin, Joe or Nick you'll probably still want to see the Jonas Brothers in concert. With tickets becoming harder and harder to find you might want to check out a secure reliable broker for sold-out seats.