Jonas Brothers' Split: Nick Wanted Out of the Band for Years

October 29, 2013 By:
Jonas Brothers' Split: Nick Wanted Out of the Band for Years
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Earlier today the Jonas Brothers announced that they have broken up as a band, temporarily.

They didn’t give their reasons for the split, only that it was “unanimous,” but a source close to the boys tells us the real reasons they decided to go their separate ways.

Nick [Jonas] has wanted out of the band for years,” the insider told Hollyscoop exclusively. “He was approached from day one by people wanting him to leave the guys.”

Nick did have a solo career with his band The Administration, but that didn’t last long and the entire time Nick was on his solo mission, the boys continued to insist that the band was still together and that it was only a side project.

There’s also Joe Jonas' alleged substance abuse that he needed to take care of.

“They are trying to get him help without him going to rehab. The family believes God can help him. He is not ‘out of control’ but he does need help,” added the source.

And Kevin Jonas' wife Danielle Deleasa's pregnancy hasn’t helped things either.

“Of course she wanted him to not go on tour. She is at home with her first pregnancy. His parents are her parents and they have been helping all they can but they advised Kevin to put off this tour.”

It seems like EVERYTHING is working against the Jonas Brothers.

However, our source insisted this isn’t the last you’ll see of the boys.

“I promise you that this is more of a break. They may not ever be a touring band again, but they are all very close and will be doing music together for the rest of their lives.”