Jonas Brothers on Thanksgiving, Media Attention and Jonas Mania

November 24, 2008 By:
Jonas Brothers on Thanksgiving, Media Attention and Jonas Mania

Sunday night Hollyscoop hit the red carpet for the 2008 American Music Awards, and although we’ve heard about the Jonas fans, we never really experienced the pandemonium in person. Let’s just say Beatles mania doesn’t compare to the young girls that went wild trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite boy band.

Hollyscoop got the chance to chat with Kevin, Joe and Nick from the Jonas Brothers and got their reactions to the screaming fans. “It’s a nice feeling," said Joe Jonas. "It kind of gets you pumped up. It's always a good feeling when they scream,” he added.

Speaking of girls, we asked Joe Jonas how he’s dealing with all the media attention surrounding his personal life ever since he had a war of words with his ex girlfriend Taylor Swift. Joe said, ”Just live your life, like T.I. says,” as his brother Kevin laughed on.

We all know the Jonas Brothers are hot (You can even find Kevin in Peoples sexiest list), but we wanted to know if they had their own poll, who would top their “Sexiest Woman” list? “Probably the girls in the bond movie, the new bond movie,” said Joe Jonas.

In regards to what the boys are doing for Thanksgiving, Kevin said, “Were actually going to be performing at the Dallas cowboys halftime show, so that’s going to be really exciting. Hopefully we will be in everyone house on Thanksgiving for a little bit, it would be really cool.”

Check out our exclusive interview with the brothers below...