Jonas Brothers Eye Prince Collaboration

February 24, 2009 By:
Jonas Brothers Eye Prince Collaboration

Girls across the country may have had a hard time going to sleep last night due to the excitement they felt over the possibility of meeting the Jonas Brothers in person.

The boys held a press conference last night to announce that they'll kick off a “Surprise Theater Invasion” across the country for the opening of their new 3D concert film.

“We can’t give too many details as to what cities or how many cities we’ll be going to,” Kevin says.

“What we can tell you is it will be a coast-to-coast tour and it’s really all about our fans, and being able to experience this with them.”

The Jonas Brothers are arguably one of the biggest bands in the world right now--and they're barely of legal age. Achieving such success at a young age must be difficult, but the brothers do it without breaking a sweat.

"We've been blessed to do a lot of cool things and for us going to the Grammy's and performing with Stevie Wonder was the win for us--being up there with such a legend," Joe told Hollyscoop during their press conference.

When asked who their ideal collaboration would be with, they confessed that Prince was a big one.

"There's a few other people that I think we would like to write with or perform with. Prince is a big one, we're huge fans! I think to be able to one day write with someone like him or perform would be amazing," said Joe.

Prince is infamous for his sexual lyrics and provocative music videos, so we're not quite sure how it will pan out with Disney's most famous brothers, but we can't wait for that potential collaboration! Who would you like to see the Jonas Brothers collaborate with?