The Republican National Convention's Not So Star-Studded Affair

August 28, 2012 By:
The Republican National Convention's Not So Star-Studded Affair

Hurricane Isaac might have missed Tampa but Republican advocates surely didn’t…

But when it comes to celebrity endorsements, the Democratic Party is blowing away the competition. With names like George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker representing the blue political team, it’s simply hard to measure up.

Despite the odds, the Republican Party did its best at rounding up all the celebrity faces it could at this week’s Republican National Convention. Unfortunately, its best wasn’t good enough…

One name that did show up was National Treasure actor Jon Voight. The 73-year-old Republican was happy to take pictures with everybody who wanted one, and – judging by the number of photos – even people who didn’t.

Also making an appearance at the right-wing shindig was “The Bachelor 3” star Andrew Firestone.

Pat Boone, Victoria Jackson, and Olympic medalist Kim Rhode also spent time mingling and taking photos with fans.

Rounding out the spottings was the Oak Ridge Boys and 3 Doors Down, who have officially arrived at the Florida city for their “anticipated” performances, announcing their arrival via Twitter.

No, it ain't Clooney… But at least they’re trying!