Jon Hamm: I’m Not Handsome Like Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds

March 19, 2012 By:
Jon Hamm: I’m Not Handsome Like Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds

File this under: Hot celebrities acting like they aren’t hot. It gets filed right after “celebrities hospitalized for exhaustion” and right before “celebrities who were bullied in high school.”

Jon Hamm recently told a magazine that he doesn’t think he’s attractive. Oi vey.

“I don’t necessarily think of myself like the handsome guy. That’s reserved for Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds and those guys,” Hamm tells Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Ok, in his defense Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds are very handsome guys. He probably could have thrown George Clooney and Rob Lowe just for good measure, but back to the issue at hand! How can Jon Hamm not think of himself as handsome when every acting role he’s ever had in Hollywood have character descriptions that probably read, “Handsome,” “brooding,” and “chiseled?”

“It’s certainly nice when people say nice things about you, don’t get me wrong,” says Hamm, “I guess I never really though of myself that way. I just wanted to be a regular person and try to portray parts as varied as I could.”

Maybe he really doesn’t know how handsome he is? Maybe he’s one of those weird people that doesn’t own mirrors?

Jon Hamm still isn’t even used to his fame, let alone his handsomeness.

“It’s a weird experience to go through something like this, especially when it happens so fast,” says Hamm, “I live a pretty stable life. I mean, I have a relationship, and a house and dog. And it’s kind of like, well, now we are living a life that has this weirdness in it. It is a strange shift.”