John Slattery on Jon Hamm: We Drink, Smoke and Say Mean Things

March 15, 2012 By:
John Slattery on Jon Hamm: We Drink, Smoke and Say Mean Things

John Slattery plays the booze-loving Roger Sterling, alongside Jon Hamm, in ‘Mad Men.’

The hit show is about to return for a fifth season, and Hollyscoop talked to John at the ‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Premiere. He told us what it’s like to work with Jon.

“It’s pretty easy!” John told Hollyscoop. “It was from the beginning, which makes it seem so fun. First of all, there’s really well-written scenes and that makes it easy. And he and I hit it off from the beginning.”

So what’s it like to be on set with John and Jon?

“There’s often a lot of drinking and smoking and saying mean things about people.”

As in certain reality stars, perhaps? *coughs* Kardashian *coughs*.

“And it’s funny,” John told us.

He also revealed what we can expect from the style of the fifth season of ‘Mad Men.’

“[Season 5] is reminiscent of the first season, I would say,” John told Hollyscoop. “In a really smart way.”

John continued: “It’s sort of informed in all of the four years that we have seen these characters and you find things out that you didn’t think you knew. There’s some really good surprises. Ultimately I think it’s a really satisfying season.”

The show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, says the series may only have a couple more seasons after the fifth:

“Seven years sounds like the right amount… My whole thing is, I don’t want to overstay our welcome.”

‘Mad Men’ Season 5 will debut on AMC with a two hour long premiere on Sunday, March 25.