Jessica Pare on 'Mad Men': My Co-Stars are Incredible

March 28, 2012 By:
Jessica Pare on 'Mad Men': My Co-Stars are Incredible

The world was waiting for the season premiere of ‘Mad Men’ this Sunday, and who knew the star we’d all be talking about is Jessica Paré, who plays Don Draper’s new wife, Megan.

Hollyscoop caught up with Jessica about what we can expect from this new season.

“What happens is so amazing,” Jessica told us. It’s going to be a great season.”

As much as Jessica wanted to dish the details, she kept tight-lipped. We did ask her about what it’s like to work with her co-stars, January Jones and Jon Hamm.

“The whole cast is incredible,” Jessica told us. “I haven’t met one jerk yet, so we’ll see.”

Another perk of Jessica’s job? She gets to lock lips with Jon.

“He’s such an amazing, wonderful guy,” Jessica has said. “Honestly, I love working with him so much. He’s a superbly talented actor, and he’s not bad looking, I guess.”

When asked specifically about what it’s like to make out with the guy:

“In a sort of vague answer to your questions, there is nothing bad about working with him,” Jennifer said.

She also confessed that she had no idea how big her role was going to be when she first signed up for the show.

“I did three auditions for this, and I auditioned with scenes from previous seasons. There was nothing written at the time for Megan, although I’m sure it was all in [Matthew Weiner's] head — but I didn’t know what I was auditioning for, it was vaguely described as ‘female brunette’, so obviously it was kind of a great surprise.”