Report: Jon Gosselin Dumped By Hailey Glassman

October 2, 2009 By:
Report: Jon Gosselin Dumped By Hailey Glassman

Now we know why Jon Gosselin is so keen on playing nice with his soon to be ex wife Kate Gosselin--he got dumped by his 23 year old girlfriend!

After parading his girlfriend around town for months while bashing his ex wife, it appears Hailey is just as sick of Jon as we are. Or at least that's what Star magazine is reporting her twitter page says.

Taking to her Twitter page, Hailey wrote, "Its time 2 move on

She then Tweeted a link to Rihanna's video for the song, "Take a Bow," which includes lyrics like "You put on quite a show, really had me going. Now it's time to go. The curtain's finally closing."

Jon briefly spoke about his relationship with Hailey while on Larry King Live on Thursday. He said she would stand behind him, "whether we're together or not."

Hmm sounds like the only person on the planet that could stand Jon is now ditching him as well. Who's left Jon?