NYPD Think Jon Gosselin Robbery is PR Stunt

January 13, 2010 By:
NYPD Think Jon Gosselin Robbery is PR Stunt

Did Jon Gosselin really have his house broken into? The NYPD don’t think so. They reportedly believe the reality show dad staged a burglary at his New York City apartment to get a little extra publicity.

What reportedly tipped them off was a large butcher knife stuck into a table holding a note he claims was written by Hailey Glassman.

A police source tells RadarOnline, "The more cops have looked into it, the more they feel like it was a publicity stunt. They absolutely think the butcher knife part of it is B.S."

Jon claims his apartment was ransacked by Hailey after she was allegedly pushed by Jon into a wall, something he denies doing. "He won't be arrested on this one," said the NYPD source.

"It seems clear he pushed her, but he didn't strike her from what they've learned during their investigation.

Whatever Jon and Hailey are doing, it’s working! Even the NYPD is buying into their desperate need for fame! As if Jon hasn’t gotten enough publicity this year, now he has to stage stunts to keep him in the public eye?! Pathetic!