Kate Gosselin: I Am Not a Celebrity

May 8, 2009 By:
Kate Gosselin: I Am Not a Celebrity

The Jon & Kate drama continues! Last night Kate Gosselin went on Larry King Live to talk about her husband Jon Gosselin's recent cheating scandal.

"We, as you know, have a reality show," she said on Thursday's Larry King Live while promoting her new book, Eight Little Faces. "Everyone wants to know everything about us. And I feel like this is a situation where, you know, you can't believe everything that you read. You know that. I know that."

Kate continued, "I am not a celebrity. "I am a mom and a wife. And I feel that Jon is having difficult times realizing that, you know, you can't go to the grocery store without people whipping out their cell phones, calling everyone they know and taking pictures of you.

"He is dealing very poorly with it. And I feel like these, you know, things are making him realize, oh, my gosh, I cannot go anywhere without everyone knowing.

During the show Larry read a statement from Jon denying his affair, even though he was caught on videotape and photographed with his mistress. "These allegations are false and just plain hurtful," read the statement.

Isn't it funny how this scandal came to light just when she had a new book to promote? Coincidence? We think not. What are your thoughts on the scandal?