Jon Gosselin's Mystery Woman Revealed

May 5, 2009 By:
Jon Gosselin's Mystery Woman Revealed

People were shocked last week when photos of Jon Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8 depicted him with another woman. The two were photographed leaving a bar near Jon’s house in Pennsylvania.

The woman in the photos has stayed mum until now. She has come forward to say that there’s nothing romantically going on between her and Jon.

23-year old Deanna Hummel tell People, "We're just friends. It's absurd that anyone would think otherwise.

We just talk and socialize, the normal things you do when you see friends.”

Well, it is a little odd that there’s such an age difference between Jon and Deanna, and that they were out late at night together while Kate was across the country in Washington. And did we mention he wasn't wearing his wedding ring?

Hummel says the reason she was driving Jon’s car the night the pics were snapped is because she wanted to drive his new car. She says, "He just got this new car and I wanted to drive it. I'm into cars. We all have guy and girl friends. Because of who he is, it gets portrayed the wrong way, and it's unfair to him and his family."

She also says Jon did not call her “babe” while heading to his car. She says, "He did not by any means call me 'babe.’ Nobody calls me babe. That made me laugh."

Hummel wants to set the record straight that Jon is a good married man. She says, "He's a very nice guy, don't get me wrong. But he's married with eight children.”

We still smell something fishy going on here! And we can just imagine how Jon is having to deal with the wrath of Kate since those pictures surfaced. She’s scary!