Jon Gosselin's Lawyer Responds to Lawsuit

October 16, 2009 By:
Jon Gosselin's Lawyer Responds to Lawsuit

Jon Gosselin's attorney Mark Gay Heller has just responded to the lawsuit by TLC. He released a statement on behalf of his client saying that Jon had not been served papers, and that the network was doing this all for publicity.

Part of Heller’s statement reads:

"Apparently, TLC has elected to initially litigate this case in the Court of Public Opinion, rather than the Circuit Court for Montgomery County Maryland because neither Jon nor I have been served with legal pleadings or informed by TLC of the instant litigation.”

"Remarkably, instead, I read the alleged Complaint on the Internet, since it would appear that Discovery and TLC chose to pander and publicize their weak, feeble and baseless claim to the media rather than providing the Defendant with appropriate notice through the traditional judicial process.

Heller continues, saying: "Jon will vigorously defend against this baseless action, assuming Discovery and TLC choose to go forward with their claim by legally serving him with notice, and we are confident that through the course of litigation it will clearly be evident that Discovery and TLC exploited, manipulated and abused the Gosselins' vulnerability and financial hardship.”

“Clearly, this litigation has heralded in the battle of “David” against “Goliath” and Jon Gosselin fully intends to stand firm, protect his family and defend against TLC and Discovery who have been rumored to have enjoyed over $186 million dollars in revenue for one quarter, purportedly attributed to the success of the program Jon & Kate plus 8.”