Jon Gosselin Won't Spend Thanksgiving With His Family

November 5, 2009 By:
Jon Gosselin Won't Spend Thanksgiving With His Family

Jon Gosselin is already America's most hated Dad, and now we're hearing that he's not going to spend Thanksgiving with his children so he can hang out with his on-again off-again girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

Hailey tells Entertainment Tonight that Kate is going to cook for their eight kids and Jon won't be joining them, so she basically invited him over to her parents home out of pity.

"My family and I would never let him eat Thanksgiving dinner alone in an apartment," says Hailey. "He's coming to our house for Thanksgiving. I don't care."

Jon claims that he had planned on spending Thanksgiving with Hailey all along. "I still planned on going to her house on Thanksgiving; that was on my schedule," he says via Us Weekly

But Hailey wasn't too thrilled with his answer. "On your schedule? What do you mean, 'On my schedule?'" she asks.

"Let's see, Kate has the kids, and she's having a nice huge meal with Steve and his family. Uh, let's see, should I go to Hailey's or should I sit in my apartment all alone?"

"Sorry, I used the wrong term," says Jon. "I plan on going -- I made a promise to her family I would go to her house."

"Made a promise? You're not doing my family any favors!" replies Hailey.

These two need to call it a day. Jon needs to get out of the spotlight and get his life back together and Hailey needs to realize what it feels like to be a regular 23 year old that isn't dating the biggest douche-dad on the planet. Do you guys agree?