Jon Gosselin Wants His Own Reality Show

August 19, 2009 By:
Jon Gosselin Wants His Own Reality Show

Jon Gosselin's mid life crisis came a little early. The divorced dad of 8 isn't just parading around town with a 22-year-old girlfriend, he's spending recklessly and truly thinks he's on top of the world. Unfortunately for Jon, TLC has a wake up call for him: get your sh*t straight or we'll sue!

Jon is reportedly in talks with a major production company, Endomol, to appear in a show called "Divorced Dad's Club," reports TMZ. Only problem is he's still under contract at TLC, and they're beyond pissed about it!

TLC is already not happy with Jon's behavior as of late and they're already sent him a threatening letter, claiming he was "in violation of the morals clause of his contract," partly because he's been seen going in and out of bars and drinking.

And that's not all! Jon and Kate Gosselin still have their joint account and the money they make off of Jon & Kate Plus 8 is still going into that account. The problem is Jon is spending money like it’s going out of style, while Kate is putting it aside for the kids.

TMZ claims that for the new season, a Judge is limiting how much money Jon can take out of their joint account. He can only take money for basics now, instead of spending it on every 22 year old he meets...or new Ed Hardy shirts.

We never thought we'd say this but we're starting to feel bad for Kate 1.0. She has to watch her ex husband and his new girlfriend parade their love for every tabloid on the market, sees him spend the money the made together, and gets the cops called on her after she walks in on him with the babysitter. Call it the reality show curse! No couple makes it out alive.

“No, we are not in talks with him as he is under contract with TLC,” a rep from Endemol told Access Hollywood. “But, our show is currently in development although casting is not finalized yet.”