Jon Gosselin Reconciling With Hailey

December 30, 2009 By:
Jon Gosselin Reconciling With Hailey

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman are allegedly putting a stop to their silly fighting. The couple is reportedly trying to reconcile! Just days ago, Jon’s apartment was broken in to and ransacked, and he blamed his ex, saying she would “go to jail” for her crime. On the flip side, reports surfaced today with Hailey filing a formal complaint with the NYPD alleging Gosselin pushed her during an argument on December 20th.

Jon’s lawyers responded with a statement to RadarOnline saying, "When Hailey was contacted by police [about trashing the apartment], her legal people decide to come up with this ploy to say he harassed her."

Hailey’s attorney Anand Ahuja insists the incident occurred, rebutting, "Yes, that incident took place on the night of December 20th and there is no denying the fact that my client is in fact a victim of domestic violence.”

But now it looks like the two are trying to be adults and come to an agreement. A source tells People, "Jon is in New York and is speaking to Hailey. They're trying to come to a resolution."

The source continues, "[Jon] won't press charges if she returns what he says is his, like the TV, the Wii, etc."

Hailey’s attorney also said, “Hailey, Jon myself and Mr. Heller (Jon’s attorney, Mark Heller) have decided to privately sit down at the table and discuss the matter. We are going to discuss a resolution.”

The discussion isn’t expected to occur until next week when everyone is back from vacation. Given this mess they’re in, we’d need a vacation to get away from it all too!