Jon Gosselin Ordered to Return Money to Kate

October 26, 2009 By:
Jon Gosselin Ordered to Return Money to Kate

Jon Gosselin got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The douchey dad thought he could take over $200K out of the joint account he shares with Kate Gosselin and get away with it. But he had another thing coming.

The judge in their case ordered Jon to return the money he took and Kate's lawyer couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Her lawyer just released the following statement:

"We are clearly pleased that the monies taken by Mr. Gosselin have been returned to the marital account, and we look forward to recouping additional monies taken by Mr. Gosselin at the time of the parties' private arbitration hearings.

A total of at least $235,000 was taken by Mr. Gosselin, and despite his initial comments denying responsibility, we have established that Ms. Gosselin needed emergency relief to prevent her economic claims from being compromised."

According to the Associated Press, Jon criticized his wife for not appearing in court today. He says she still has not explained how she spent $33,000 in joint funds, but according to her lawyer she was not required to be there in person because she had provided a "complete accounting of funds."

...and the Jon & Kate divorce saga continues. Both camps are due back in court next month.