Jon Gosselin Misses Kate's Birthday

June 2, 2009 By:
Jon Gosselin Misses Kate's Birthday

The worlds fascination with Jon & Kate's marriage continues. On Monday’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Kate Gosselin spent her birthday alone because Jon Gosselin decided to go on a skiing trip without his wife.

“I went out to Utah for like five days,” he says in the episode filmed in March. “I just wanted to get back out there and ride with my friends. It just happened to fall on Kate’s birthday.”

“This season, sometimes you’ll see Kate and I interview separately. Sometimes you’ll see us interview together on the chair,” Jon explained in a voiceover. “It depends how things are going. We have busy schedules.”

They eventually came together for the final confession at the end, but they sat as far as possible from each other.

While Jon likes to blame their separation on "busy schedules," we just think they have a dysfunctional marriage and are clearly sick and tired of each other.

The new season debuted with the highest ratings for the show ever, so clearly their dysfunctional marriage has gotten America tuned in. Are you sick of the Jon & Kate drama, or has it become a guilty pleasure?