Jon Gosselin Makes Outrageous Demands to Radio Show

October 21, 2009 By:
Jon Gosselin Makes Outrageous Demands to Radio Show

Jon Gosselin must not realize that his 15 minutes of fame are ticking away! He needs to soak up the freebies and camera time while he can still get it!

But no, Jon—or at least his publicist—is under the false impression that he’s worth several thousands of dollars just to show up somewhere. Who does he think he is, Spencer Pratt??

Jon was asked to co-host a morning radio show in Tampa and was offered two first class plane tickets, a limo, and five-star accommodations at a hotel of his choice. The station said he would assist in the news of the day, as well as taking calls from listeners.

The station even explained that they had no intention of “trapping” or embarrassing him, saying, “We were fans of his and his family during happier personal times, and we continue to follow the situation and support whatever is in the best interest of Jon’s family.”

Jon’s rep responded with an outrageous email, claiming Jon is accustomed to receiving anywhere in the $10- $12K range for personal appearances! He also added, “I think you’ll find he is quite funny, sharp-witted, and interesting.”

Um, wake up call! Anyone can be witty for $12,000! Jon better snap out of it, and realize no one’s going to care about him in a matter of weeks. Soak up the fame like OctoMom did before your time’s up, Jon! Click here
to read the correspondence between My Kiss FM and Jon’s rep.