Jon Gosselin Hits Sundance With his Girlfriend

January 22, 2010 By:
Jon Gosselin Hits Sundance With his Girlfriend

For some reason, Jon Gosselin is currently at the Sundance Film Festival. Apparently being a deadbeat reality show dad qualifies you to screen new films and walk away with tons of swag.

Jon is currently in Park City, Utah with his chick of the minute Morgan Christie. According to E!, the two took a walk in town to make sure everyone knew they were there. But apparently their presence is extremely unwanted.

"They just kept walking up and down Main Street," said an eyewitness. "They were holding hands, and it was pretty obvious they wanted everyone to see them. They kept walking up and down the same street over and over."

Here’s a couple more: "It was weird though, it looked like the guy was hired or something. It seemed like there were a few paparazzi on Main, none of whom could care less about Gosselin. But this one camera guy made sure to go wherever Jon and his girlfriend were. It looked pathetic."

"Ugh, that huge douche Jon Gosselin is here. Great, he's totally going to give Sundance a bad name. Go back to where you came from, or at least home to your f--king eight kids."

Maybe Jon and Morgan are just celebrating their 2 minute anniversary—according to Us Weekly, that’s where they first met.

We’d love to see him try and get into any parties.