Jon Gosselin Files $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against TLC

November 13, 2009 By:
Jon Gosselin Files $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against TLC

...And the Jon Gosselin vs. TLC war continues. Jon has officially filed a $5 million dollar lawsuit against the network claiming they damaged his reputation and career. Uh we're pretty sure you did that yourself Jon!

Jon is upset that the network wouldn't let him host parties or make public appearances for fees. He also claims that TLC contacted various outlets and persuaded them not to hire Jon for anything, reports People magazine.

"Their behavior has caused Jon great anguish and it has caused him financial losses," says his attorney, Mark Heller.

"They had a cadre of lawyers so they had a one-sided agreement," adds Heller.

Jon also claims that the network still owes him $175,000 for shows that already aired. He's supposed to get $22,500 for each half hour episode and $40,000 for each one-hour special, but TLC stopped paying him.

Jon is scheduled to be in court on Dec. 14 for TLC's lawsuit against him. This is getting really nasty! Whose side are you? Jon or TLC?