Jon and Kate Get Booed at Award Show

October 14, 2009 By:
Jon and Kate Get Booed at Award Show

It's official: no one likes Jon Gosselin & Kate Gosselin. America's most hated reality show couple (they even beat Spiedi!) were booed at the Fox Reality Really Awards on Tuesday night.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 won the "Best Reality OMG Moment" for the episode in which they announced their split, but instead of cheering, the audience booed.

The once hit TLC show is now up in the air after Jon banned his children from being filmed after he learned the show was renamed Kate Plus 8.

Instead of being filmed at parks and on that infamous couch, the couple is now spending most of their time in and out of court. Call it the reality show curse!

Their show may be temporarily suspended, but we have a feeling they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Unfortunately.