Hailey Glassman's Split From Jon Gosselin: Just a Publicity Stunt?

November 1, 2009 By:
Hailey Glassman's Split From Jon Gosselin: Just a Publicity Stunt?

The Gosselin's are like dandruff you cant get rid of. And as if Jon & Kate weren't enough, Jon's 23 year old girlfriend Hailey Glassman is now thrown in the mix.

Hailey made headlines earlier in the week when she went on the Insider and talked about how she was "emotionally abused" by Jon Gosselin and how she had to suffer through his "mantrums."

Fast forward a few days and we're hearing rumors that Jon dumped Hailey after her very public bashing session. But is the split just for publicity?

A source close to their camp tells People.com, "This was all a carefully orchestrated sequence: First, Hailey laments how hard her life has been lately and how bad Jon treats her, then Jon repents. Next, Jon plans to announce that he is going to be spending some time alone."

The source added, "It has all been designed so that it doesn't seem as though Hailey got dumped."

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Jon's new spiritual advisor, told the New York Post Saturday that he "advised" Jon to dump Hailey and said he would make a public statement about it at a Manhattan synagogue Sunday night.

"I have advised him to end it with Hailey," Shmuley told the Post. "It is unacceptable to be in a relationship when he is still married and has to take care of kids who are hurting. It is not a healthy relationship."

On Sunday morning Hailey took to her twitter page to reach out to her "fans" and thank them for all the support she's been getting since the Insider interview.

"I just want to thank everyone for their support. I was brutally honest and put everything out on the table infront [sic] of the entire world," she tweeted.

Clearly the split is for publicity. Jon's camp is trying to clean up his douchey image and they're hoping this is going to help. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts!