Production on Jon & Kate Plus 8 Goes on Hiatus

June 23, 2009 By:
Production on Jon & Kate Plus 8 Goes on Hiatus

While Jon and Kate's marital woos has done wonders for their TLC show, production on Jon & Kate Plus 8 is officially on hiatus.

On Monday night the couple announced their separation on their show and TLC said next Monday would be a clip package with some new footage, but that the next all-new episode won't be until Aug. 3.

According to the Los Angeles Times, scheduling has become so hectic due to the turmoil in their marriage that episodes this season were often completed on the day of airing.

The couple, who make $75,000 an episode, have been fighting breakup rumors for months, but they finally threw in the towel yesterday and filed for divorce.

Whatever the case is, their problems have done wonders for their ratings--and their celebrity status. The couple has been on 40 magazine covers in the last two months alone.

They've already expressed interest in filming another, so it will most likely chronicle their divorce, child custody, and life without one another.
Are you tired of the Jon & Kate drama? Or will you watch new episodes?