Jon and Kate Inspire Law & Order Episode

October 7, 2009 By:
Jon and Kate Inspire Law & Order Episode

Law & Order loves to base their plot lines off of real life current news stories. That’s why it doesn’t surprise us that the Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin story is being turned into an episode of the show.

The October 16th episode, entitled Reality Bites, will be about a reality show called Larry Plus 10, about a single dad raising 10 adopted special needs children by himself after his wife, Joy, is killed.

The New York Post describes the plot: "Detectives Lupo and Bernard (Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson) grow suspicious when it's revealed that Joy Johnson wasn't totally on board with doing the show -- she feared for her kids' privacy -- and that Larry, a real estate developer deeply in debt, signed the lucrative Larry Plus 10 contract the day after his wife's murder."

There's also a character named Belinda Alvarez who resembles Nadya Suleman, who has 10 kids via in-vitro fertilization, and is competing with the Johnsons to get the show.

Sounds all too familiar! Let’s just hope life doesn’t imitate art in this case!