Top 5 Celebrity Pranksters

June 10, 2011 By:
Top 5 Celebrity Pranksters

From bear costumes to fart machines, some celebrities make being on set a little more fun.

Ashton Kutcher is notorious for being a prankster—he made an entire show out of it—but there are a handful of other surprising celebs that enjoy making fools of their friends.

Johnny Depp: During their work on Pirates of the Caribbean, Penelope Cruz told Hollyscoop that Depp is an “amazing, great human being.” She must’ve forgiven the actor for pranking her with a fart machine when they filmed the appropriately titled film, Blow. "I was doing a very dramatic close-up," Cruz said, explaining that, using a remote control, "he kept making that sound with the machine.” A remote control? Sounds pretty complicated for something that could be accomplished with a hand in the armpit.

Brad Pitt: Brad Pitt might seem like a sleek, classy Hollywood icon, but when Angelina’s not around, he’s notorious for pranking his costars. During the movie Moneyball, Pitt painted Jonah Hill’s golf cart pink and had the faces of Wham! (George Michael’s band) drawn on either side. Actor Keith Middlebrook said it didn’t stop there: “When you put the gas pedal on, it played the song Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. I’m still cracking up about it! It was just total chaos.”

George Clooney: When he’s not dating hot Italian actresses, George Clooney is known amongst his peers for being a legendary prankster. And while Depp might be getting tech savvy with his pranks, Clooney opts for the classic shenanigans. During Ocean’s 11 shooting, Clooney covered producer Jerry Weintraub’s doorknobs with Vaseline and put a bucket of water over a doorway, hoping to soak costar Julia Roberts.

John Mayer: Mayer loves playing pranks on his fans. During a comedy special, Mayer donned a bear costume while teasing concertgoers waiting to attend his concert. He later appeared on stage to sing a duet with Sheryl Crow, still wearing the costume. Once, a fan approached him for an autograph, and Mayer singed it, “Eric Roberts”.

Jewel: Sweet, soulful and sensitive my ass. Jewel once pranked Brad Paisley by having him arrested in an airport. The fake police charged him for “excessive noodling.”