Johnny Depp's Kids Love Edward Scissorhands the Best

February 22, 2010 By:
Johnny Depp's Kids Love Edward Scissorhands the Best

Johnny Depp has played so many different and wonderful characters throughout his career, that as a fan, it's difficult to pick a favorite.

Whether you loved him as Captain Jack Sparrow, Sweeney Todd or even Donnie Brasco, there's a different Depp for every fan. But have you ever wondered, of all the movies and characters he's played, which is his children's favorite? HOLLYSCOOP got the scoop from Johnny himself!

“It’s funny because they’ve seen it but they have a difficult time watching it because it’s their dad and they make that connection, but it's Edward Scissorhands. That’s by far my kids’ favorite,” Johnny told HOLLYSCOOP at the Alice in Wonderland press junket in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“They just connect with the character and also they see something, their dad feeling that isolation, feeling that loneliness. He’s a tragic character and so I think it’s hard for them. They bawl when they see that movie,” he added.

Depp was nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Edward Scissorhands, a comedy drama fantasy he worked on with Tim Burton, but lost the Best Actor title to Gérard Depardieu.

Of all the characters Depp has played throughout his career, which one is your favorite?