Johnny Depp's Ex Is Moving On And Looking Good

July 11, 2012 By:

So we know what Johnny Depp has been doing post split from Vanessa Paradis, his partner of 14 years… but what’s up with Paradis these days?

Photos of the model/singer/actress have been making the media rounds since the announcement, depicting a pale and gaunt version of her former self.

But now there is pictorial proof that Paradis is doing her best to move on, with her career anyway, and looking good doing it.

The happy/healthy looking mother of Depp's two children appeared all rosy cheeked and smiling on the red carpet for her new film, Je me Suis Fait Tout Petit… and if I spoke French, I’d tell you what it was about.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Heating Up

Us Weekly reported last week that Vanessa’s jealousy of Depp’s success led her to feel that she’d sacrificed her career for his, which led to her resenting him, then him resenting her and hitting the bottle in retaliation.

Bad news, all around.

Paradis was reportedly the one who encouraged Depp to take some of the roles that propelled him to superstardom as the world's most famous pirate. And while she did partake in his earnings, the fact that her singing career was falling flat, reportedly didn’t help that little green envy from growing.

So as sad as the news was of the separation, maybe it was for the best?

Maybe she just needed to get back to work. And the same can be said for him.

But we are glad she seems to be feeling better, and wish them both luck in their… diverse endeavors.