Johnny Depp To Star In Alice In Wonderland?

July 28, 2008 By:
Johnny Depp To Star In Alice In Wonderland?

As we previously reported, Tim Burton is currently in pre-production for his much-anticipated project “Alice In Wonderland."

If you are a big fan of the Lewis Carrol's fantasy novel, you know Burton would be the right director to envision this tale onto the big screen.

Reports surfaced today that Burton’s muse Johnny Depp is in talks to star as the Mad Hatter. Although there is no confirmation, we won't be surprised if Depp does sign on.

After all, Depp has starred in six Burton films from "Edward Scissorhands" to "Sweeney Todd." One role that has been already confirmed is Alice, which will be played by an unknown Australian actress Mia Wasikowska.

There is talks that this film could be Burton's best work. The director will be shooting the movie in 3-D and will combine both live and animated characters.

Unfortunately, we all have to wait until March 5, 2010 which is the film's release date. Let the countdown begin!