Johnny Depp to Help Nick Cage Pay Off Debt

November 13, 2009 By:
Johnny Depp to Help Nick Cage Pay Off Debt

Johnny Depp to the rescue! The actor has reportedly rushed to the side of his good friend Nicolas Cage, who has recently run into some money problems.

Cage is reportedly $6.26 million in debt to the IRS for failing to pay taxes in 2007. He’s now trying to sell both of his homes, and already sold his German castle for $2.3 million, which is a lot less than what he bought it for.

Cage also has a bit of a spending problem, buying outlandish things like dinosaur skulls, King Cobras, a $500,000 Lamborghini, and even a pet octopus.

But despite Nick’s foolish spending habits, Depp wants to help. According to the Daily Express, he’s going to dig into his on pockets to help out his friend.

A source says, “Johnny called Nic and basically told him not to worry and he’d help him and sort everything out. Johnny feels he owes his career to Nic and now wants to repay him – if Nic agrees.”

You may not know this, but Johnny Depp was a struggling musician when he met film star Nicolas in the 80s. He sent Johnny to his agent, through which he landed his first role in horror franchise A Nightmare On Elm Street.

He went on to become a Holly-wood A-lister and one of the most respected and successful actors in the world.

The friend adds: “Johnny has never forgotten what Nic did for him.”

What goes around comes around! It just proves that Johnny Depp is one class act!