Johnny Depp Rocks Out With The Black Keys

June 4, 2012 By:
Johnny Depp Rocks Out With The Black Keys

Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, Johnny Depp was presented with the “Generation Award,” or as Depp jokingly referred to it, “it’s like the get-out-of-the-business award – you’ve done too much.”

Now, most actors would get an award like this and then go onstage and give a rambling speech where they thank all the people who gave them all their Hollywood jobs. I’m sure Johnny Depp could have spend a good minute just thanking Tim Burton, but since Johnny Depp IS the “rockstar of acting,” he thanked the audience by getting on electric guitar and jamming away with rock duo The Black Keys on their hit song “Gold on the Ceiling.”

Depp has always been pretty vocal about how his first passion has always been music and how he moved to Hollywood to be a musician, but his obnoxiously perfect bone structure reluctantly landed him in his first acting gig on “21 Jump Street” and the rest, they say, is history.

The actor-turned-musician looked like a pro onstage with hot new music act The Black Keys. I would have liked to see him jump on the vocals but is that asking too much?

Clearly Johnny Depp is having an influence on the music scene, is it just me, or does it feel like John Mayer has emerged from hiding and is suddenly doing a Depp impersonation all the time?

Also on hand were Aerosmith bandmates Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, who presented Depp with the award. Is Depp friends with these guys? Or did MTV just pair them together because all three men share a love of neck scarves and floppy hats?

Johnny then wrapped his performance and gave a short speech while accepting his statue and joked with the audience after watching his film clip compilation reel, “Based on watching all those clips…there is clearly something wrong with me.”