John Travolta, Tom Cruise & Other Celebs Who Turned Down Big Roles

October 5, 2011 By:
John Travolta, Tom Cruise & Other Celebs Who Turned Down Big Roles

To make your way from the Hollywood D-list to it's esteemed A-list, you have to be selective in your career choices. Some celebs are good at it, others aren't so good, and yet others just get lucky.

Some don't really need another career boost, but might be kicking themselves, anyway, after passing on something epic.

So why do celebs pass on these epic roles? Sometimes it's scheduling conflicts. Sometimes they're just too busy. And sometimes, a story about a ghost stalking his ex-girlfriend just sounds silly. Either way, there are plenty of stars who missed out on legendary gigs because they didn't make it work. Here are ten celebrities that passed up big movie roles.

Check out our comparisons below...

Molly Ringwald: Molly Ringwald could've made it past the eighties if she would've said yes to the lead role in Pretty Woman or Ghost. What was she waiting for? You don’t get any more interesting than movies about hookers and ghosts. She was also offered a part in Scream but turned it down because she was in her late twenties and didn’t want a teenage role. Can you imagine her replacing Julia Roberts?

Mel Gibson: Mel Gibson has a pretty respectable career (outside of the homophobia and Anti-Semitism), but he could've had the lead role in Gladiator. Instead, it went to Russell Crowe and he won an Academy Award.

Keanu Reeves: Keanu turned down Charlie Sheen's role in Platoon. Woah dude! Totally cannot imagine Keanu doing that role, dude. It'd be like…woah!

Mark Wahlberg: Not sure what he was thinking when he turned down the role of Linus in Ocean's 11. Did he not hear the names Steven Soderbergh, George Clooney or Brad Pitt? Guess Matt Damon did, because he was eventually cast.

John Travolta: He could've played Forest Gump, a part that Tom Hanks is now known for. I really can't imagine Travolta taking on that role anyway. He's been in too many mobster flicks for me to see him as a backwoods Southern boy.

Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise turned down the role of Donnie Brasco, which instead went to Johnny Depp. Cruise also turned down the lead in Footloose. I'm guessing the old version, not the new one.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Sarah Michelle Gellar was asked to play Cher in the 90s teen hit, Clueless. Due to scheduling conflicts, she had to drop out and it eventually went to Alicia Silverstone. As if!

Melanie Griffith: Melanie Griffith turned down the role of Thelma in Thelma and Louise. Michelle Pfeiffer and Jodie Foster were originally cast as Thelma and Louise but had to drop out because pre-production took forever. Instead, the role went to…uh, that woman that reminds me of Melanie Griffith but isn't Melanie Gri—Geena Davis! Yeah, that's it.