First Look: 'Lone Ranger' Trailer – Wild West Meets Rock 'N' Roll

October 3, 2012 By:
First Look: 'Lone Ranger' Trailer – Wild West Meets Rock 'N' Roll

Prepare to get jacked up on adrenaline… The first trailer for The Lone Ranger has arrived.

After promotional photos, production news, and even a Johnny Depp-Vanessa Paradis split, fans – and, yes, Hollyscoop is included in that group – have been chomping at the bit for a first real look at what is shaping up to be the mega-hit of 2013.

Today, our eyes and minds get the organisms they’ve been waiting for…

The trailer opens on a fast swoop into a desert canyon only to encounter a steaming locomotive blasting toward the screen.


Rather than Johnny Depp, the train – as it turns out – seems to be the star of the show, serving as a metaphor and device for power.

“From the time of Alexander the Great,” a voice booms. “No man could travel faster than the horse … Not anymore.”

Percussion hits and dynamic images play out under the dialogue: A weathered compass… Men working on railroad tracks… A shadowy teepee of American Indian elders… And – oh yes – that smoking train.

“Imagine… Time and space under the mastery of man,” she said. “Power that makes emperors and kings look like fools … Whoever controls this controls the future.”

In fact, JD doesn’t show up until over a minute into the epic tease, sporting his full on Comanche garb and makeup as Tonto.

“There come a time, Kimosabe,” says Depp. “When good man must wear mask.”

We also catch glimpses of leading man Armie Hammer as John Reid, a.k.a. The Lone Ranger, and Helena Bonham Carter (BABE!!)

But, alas… We have to wait almost another year for the full effect of this sure to be glorious achievement by director Gore Verbinski and a combined efforts of Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer and Silver Bullet Productions.

Check the magnificence out for yourself below!

Photo credit: 2013 Walt Disney Pictures