Amber Heard Plays Stepmom to Johnny Depp's Kids

July 18, 2013 By:
Amber Heard Plays Stepmom to Johnny Depp's Kids

Johnny Depp and his girlfriend Amber Heard flew to Japan to promote the actor’s film The Lone Ranger and it was a family affair.

After just two days in the country, they all jetted out of Tokyo, photographed together in the departures lounge of Narita International Airport today.

As they were escorted down an escalator, Amber’s maternal instincts came out, placing a loving hand on Johnny’s 11-year-old son Jack’s shoulder.

Clearly the kids have warmed up to Amber’s presence following their parents’ divorce. And Amber’s clearly warming up to Johnny’s wardrobe, dressing more like him by the day.

She’s been at Johnny’s side throughout the duration of this global tour to get the word out on his current summer flick, but it looks more like a campaign for the couple’s romance.