Police Investigating Travolta Family Extortion Threats

January 20, 2009 By:
Police Investigating Travolta Family Extortion Threats

The last thing John Travolta and Kelly Preston want to deal with right now are extortion threats against their family.

They have stayed out of the public eye since the death of their son Jett, only briefly addressing the public to thank them for their outpouring of support.

But now we learn that the headache might not be over. Bahamas-based newspaper The Tribune reported today that police are questioning two people, one of whom is believed to be a politician. These two people allegedly made monetary demands to the Travolta's after Jett’s death.

The Jacksonville Florida Times-Union said details about the alleged extortion plot against the Travolta's, including exactly what the suspects wanted or what they threatened to do if their demands were not met, have not been disclosed.

John Travolta attorney’s Mike Ossi and Howard Butler said in a statement: "Regrettably in a time of such terrible grief there are often a few individuals who attempt to make false claims in hopes of making millions of dollars. We will never let that happen."

Ossi and Butler also said they have "the utmost confidence in the Bahamian police and government" as it looks into the reported extortion attempt. They declined further comment.

It’s just so sad that anyone would try and make money off of the Travolta's at a time like this. Thankfully the police are already investigating the situation, and hopefully they won’t get away with it.