John Travolta Testifies in Extortion Trial

September 23, 2009 By:
John Travolta Testifies in Extortion Trial

John Travolta took the stand today in an emotional testimony for the extortion trial surrounding the death of his 16-year old son Jett. According to People, John told the Bahamian court he helped one of his nannies perform CPR on Jett.

He said, "Jeff, the other nanny, was doing some compressions. I was doing the breathing.”

Prosecutors also made their opening statement to the nine-member jury this morning. The first trial witness, police inspector Andrew Wells, testified that after Jett was placed in an ambulance that day, Lightbourn said that Travolta wanted his son taken directly to the airport instead of to a hospital.

Wells testified that Travolta signed a form that released the paramedics from liability for not transporting the patient to a hospital. But at some point the decision was made to take Jett to the hospital.

Prosecutors say that Lightbourn and Bridgewater threatened to release private information – including the signed release form – unless Travolta paid them $25 million.

We can probably expect this to be a long trial. Poor John Travolta and Kelly Preston. They have to reopen this wound all over again.