John Travolta Speaks Out About Losing Jett

November 9, 2009 By:
John Travolta Speaks Out About Losing Jett

John Travolta has decided to speak out for the first time since his 16-year old son Jett died. John spoke with USA Today, and talked about how he and his family have been coping with their loss.

He said, “We have our own way of doing it, and it has been helping. You need your friends a lot in times like that.”

Kelly Preston also spoke out, saying the "outpouring of love from, really, worldwide has been extraordinary. It's been our friends, our family, our church. We partake in spiritual counseling pretty much daily."

Still, she said, "It's a tricky thing. Sometimes, something that's right for the moment is not right the next day. Being with people who are important to you, being with people that you love, I think that's what has primarily helped us the most. Sometimes, being alone, too."

John, Kelly, and their daughter Ella are all appearing in the movie Old Dogs, which comes out in theaters November 25th. John said, "We decided it was OK to come out and promote, to introduce her to the world and to give her a beautiful future in film.”

We’re happy to see that John, Kelly, and Ella are staying so strong as a family after their tragic loss. We hope this helps them to move on and stay positive about the future.