John Travolta Sexes Up His Wife On The Red Carpet

June 26, 2012 By:
John Travolta Sexes Up His Wife On The Red Carpet

There’s a new sexual assault tied to John Travolta. This time with his wife, only she liked it…

After countless alleged sexual attack charges against the actor, Travolta seemed more than satisfied getting his freak on with Kelly Preston, his wife of 21 years. Despite all the rumors that the couple was in a heated battle, Travolta and Preston were all over each other on Monday.

Their PDA happened at a Los Angeles premiere of his new film Savages. Travolta and Preston smooched, groped, and fondled their way down the carpet, seemingly oblivious to the flashing cameras in front of them. No interview was given.

The images play out like a horny couple on prom night. They kiss on the lips. He kisses her ear. They smush each other’s side faces together… Taking a break from sucking each other’s faces off, they pose, Preston butt to Travolta pelvis, her hand getting a little too close for comfort to his now infamous man unit.

Trying to make a statement much?

Fake or not, it’s refreshing to see that the couple is getting along after tabloids have spent the last couple months ripping them apart. Travolta has been understandably elusive since accusations of sexual assault against male masseurs started popping up like zits on a 13-year-old boy’s face.

Travolta was last seen in public for a scheduled speech at the American Film Institute’s tribute to Shirley MacLaine.

Along with Travolta who plays federal agent Dennis, Savages stars “Gossip Girl” queen Blake Lively as “O,” a damsel in distress who gets kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel. The film is directed by Oliver Stone and opens on July 6th.