John Travolta Named As Witness In Extortion Case

January 27, 2009 By:
John Travolta Named As Witness In Extortion Case

The poor Travolta family has enough to deal with in just having lost their son Jett, and now they’re having to deal with something on top of it.

John Travolta has officially been named as a witness in the extortion case being prosecuted by the Bahamian Attorney General.

Travolta was one of fourteen witnesses listed, including both his Bahamian and U.S.-based lawyers. The court tells E! News that the witnesses "are expected to give evidence against Lightbourn and Bridgewater in court.

"They would not actually have to do anything until the trial starts. The presence of their names on the dockets just means that the prosecution plans to call them as witnesses and, barring any extenuating circumstances, they will be."

So this means the Travoltas will have to travel back to the Bahamas during this trial, which will likely bring back many memories of Jett. And who knows how long it will take.

It’s just such a sad story, and now the fact that the Travoltas are being brought into the mix makes it even worse. There’s been no official word from the Travolta camp as of yet.