John Travolta Makes First Public Appearance Since Sexual Misconduct Allegations

June 8, 2012 By:
John Travolta Makes First Public Appearance Since Sexual Misconduct Allegations

John Travolta has been the center of a is-he-gay scandal for nearly a month now. I’m talking about the male masseurs who have made sexual misconduct allegations against the actor, some of which had filed lawsuits.

You know, the whole “massage my groin” fiasco. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Anyway, since the drama began to unfold, John Travolta and his whole family have been lying low.

Thursday night, Travolta made a scheduled appearance at the American Film Institute’s tribute to actress Shirley MacLaine, his first public appearance since news broke of the allegations.

Travolta did not walk the red carpet, but went straight into the venue for his onstage tribute speech for MacLaine.

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Presenting alongside Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts, Travolta lauded MacLaine with compliments.

“Shirley MacLaine is first a dancer, and when you move from Broadway to film to television to writing to directing, you have to move to these things with the grace of a dancer. To train and push harder than you ever thought you could,” said Travolta.

All that was very nice, but I’m sure the audience couldn’t ignore the giant elephant in the room, namely Travolta’s sex scandal.

Before and after his speech, he did not sit in the audience like the other presenters.

But Travolta did put on a brave face and soared through his tribute like a pro, during what I’m assuming is probably a very trying period in his life, whether the abuse allegations are true or not.

To get you caught up on the Travolta scandal, the latest bit of drama revolves around an alleged secret six year affair with his male pilot back in the '80s, before he married wife Kelly Preston in 1991.