John Travolta Cancels Golden Globe Appearance

January 10, 2009 By:
John Travolta Cancels Golden Globe Appearance

John Travolta has canceled his Golden Globe appearance for this Sunday in order to continue to grieve for the loss of his 16 year-old son. We would have been shocked if he had agreed to attend anyway.

Travolta's animated flick Bolt is nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for the duet he did with Miley Cyrus entitled "I Thought I Lost You."

During the 14th Annual Critics Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jeffrey Steele, who worked with Travolta on Bolt told Hollyscoop:

"My prayers to John and Kelly. I lost my son two years ago, I kind of know what they're going through, but I can't imagine how awful that must be right now."

"I was hoping to see him this week, I don’t know if I will. He's supposed to be, I just don’t know given what's happened," Steele told Hollyscoop exclusively.

He added, "I hope I do get to talk to him, it’s been a really tragic week for him, but this is a little something to lighten him. And the fact that we got nominated for this song, we're in some pretty good company too."

A fancy red carpet is probably the last thing on Travolta's mind right now, so we're not the least bit surprised that he canceled his appearance. Losing a family member is tragic, and he needs proper time to grieve. His absence will certainly be felt on Sunday though.