John Travolta Alleged Sexual Assault: John Doe #1 Dismisses Lawsuit

May 16, 2012 By:
John Travolta Alleged Sexual Assault: John Doe #1 Dismisses Lawsuit

John Doe #1 has dropped the lawsuit against John Travolta. One accuser down, three more to go.

The remaining accusers against the actor include John Doe #2 and then that other guy who was all like, “John Travolta wanted to have sex with me on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship!” That accuser is not involved in the original lawsuit and we’re going to take that one with a grain of salt, because what celebrity would ever be caught dead on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

The first masseur that accused John Travolta of sexual assault (among other things) has dropped out of the lawsuit! First of all, his lawyer Okorie Okorocha dropped him as a client last week when Doe #1 allegedly lied about the date of his interaction with Travolta.

The day that Doe #1 alleged he was assaulted by Travolta in LA, there is proof that Travolta was in New York on that exact day.

“Let’s just say we had difference in opinion of how to handle the case and decided to part ways,” Okorocha told People magazine.

Okorocha told RadarOnline a similar story last week, “I could no longer represent him because he was speaking to the media against my advice, and it made no sense to me. I don’t think that John Doe will be pursuing the lawsuit.”

The notice of dismissal was filed today in Los Angeles.

The second masseur is still seeking $2 million from Travolta over the alleged incident in Atlanta.