John Travolta & Family In Asia For Business And Pleasure

August 2, 2012 By:

John Travolta and family are doing "fine" as they travel to Singapore for business but plan to work in some sightseeing pleasure.

Travolta was on hand to answer questions (that fit into the pre-determined categories of: planes, watches, movies, family) at a press conference for the watchmaker Breitling, who (still) boasts the actor as it's brand ambassador.

A lot of the conversation circled around the topic of Travolta’s passion for aviation.

The actor and pilot flew his family to Asia himself, using one of his 11 pilot's licenses and one of his five personal planes. He’s even qualified to fly a 747.

Fun facts: He’d rather be a professional pilot than a disco dancer, “because I've already done the disco dancing."

And he wouldn’t mind being a superhero because, well, they can fly.

The universally regarded nice guy then talked about watches, specifically, Breitling's latest model, the limited edition Navitimer Blue Sky. It’s expensive.

The final question of the day came from some reporter that had the nerve to work in a dicey question into one of the allowed categories.

They asked how his family was doing and how they were coping with the “allegations.”

He answered without a flinch, "My family's fine, and we're traveling for business and pleasure" and then he left.

The pleasure part of the trip will consist of a limousine taking Travolta and his family - wife Kelly Preston and their two kids - around to show them the sights of a city he’s visited often and claims to love.