Jett Travolta's Funeral Set for Today

January 8, 2009 By:
Jett Travolta's Funeral Set for Today

After a really rough New Year, John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston will officially say goodbye to their 16 year-old son today. A private funeral service for Jett Travolta is set to be held this afternoon in Ocala, Florida.

The funeral will be closed to the public, and exact details of the time and location are being kept under wraps in order to respect the family's privacy. The service is just for close friends and family.

"John is distraught," Travolta's attorney and confidant, Michael McDermott, and Michael Ossi, the family's lawyer, told Us Weekly on Saturday.

"This is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to him, and he needs to go through a process of healing," the lawyers added. "John and Kelly are suffering total misery. They were so close to their son. This is hard to accept."

Jett suffered a seizure on January 2nd, and was pronounced dead when he arrived to the hospital.

Hopefully the Travolta's can get some peace after the final memorial service today. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Will Smith, Oprah, and Kirstie Alley are all expected to attend his memorial service today. Rest in peace Jett.