Author Sues John Travolta Over Mental Health Claims

June 22, 2012 By:
Author Sues John Travolta Over Mental Health Claims

John Travolta's staff continue to earn their keep addressing more legal accusations.

According to TMZ, these most recent grievances have been aired not by some random dude who claims that Travolta made some inappropriate moves on him, but by some random dude who's peeved that his overall sanity is in question after he allegedly witnessed such acts with the actor at various bathhouses, then wrote a book about it.

Robert Randolph, author of, "You'll Never Spa in This Town Again," is suing both Travolta and his attorney for launching a smear campaign (which included these "false" accusations of mental instability) against him during the release of his book, "to persuade the public that he's an unreliable source." Therefore we should not buy his memoir about having sex in steam rooms with famous people.

Randolph attributes retailers apprehension in selling his work to this anti-him directive initiated by Team Travolta…. though the book is currently for sale on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble…

Travolta's peeps, who have remained pretty mum lately in the midst of all John's legal issues, have publicly addressed this particular lawsuit as "ridiculous," and "absurd." They add, "It is based on our letter which was completely privileged under the law."

I'm no lawyer, but this statement seems to not be saying that they didn't attack the dudes character, they are just saying that they did it via a letter, and that he wasn't supposed to tell anyone?

However they don't deny calling Randolph a nut bag, they attribute that to a direct quote, "his own statements published on his website [state] that he sustained 'permanent brain damage' and had to 'retrain' his brain."

How exactly does one do that anyway? I think we could all use a little brain retraining after trying to sort out this alleged tangled web Travolta has woven with various men… or better yet, to forget all about it.