Perez Hilton Says John Mayer Is Bi

April 3, 2008 By:
Perez Hilton Says John Mayer Is Bi

The outspoken Perez Hilton is speaking out about John Mayer, saying he is "definitely bi." So what's his reasoning? He called into Ryan Seacrest this morning and told him about how John Mayer kissed him on New Year's Eve. He was really excited about it, saying John's girlfriend at the time Jessica Simpson was even there when it happened. And that's not all. Perez says Jess was rubbing John's treasures as the boys went at it. Perez also says John initiated the act by singing in his ear.

We know, this story sounds outrageous. And John Mayer's rep seconds that, calling the story "ridiculous." Perez went on to defend himself on the radio today, saying that he tries to be fair, and report on everyone the same way, "gay or straight, out or not." He did seem a little ticked off at John for posting something on his blog last week. John had written about a certain blogger out there who tears down celebrities, but has struggled with own sexuality his whole life. To which Perez replied, "Please, queen, if anyone's struggling with their sexuality, it's you, not me."

Ryan Secrest is taking John's side, saying he won't believe in a million years that John Mayer is gay. What do you think? And don't blame Popfiction, because the act, true or not, happened before the show started.

P.S...That's a photoshopped pic of the two lovebirds.