John Mayer Wants to Be Eva Longoria's Rebound

November 30, 2010 By:
John Mayer Wants to Be Eva Longoria's Rebound

John Mayer isn’t known for his long-lasting relationships. But the Playboy thinks he can land the newly-single Eva Longoria.

"John is crazy about Eva," a source tells Popeater.

Apparently John wants to be Eva’s rebound guy—which is exactly what he did with another busty blonde a couple years ago! "There is something about newly-divorced ladies that drives him nuts. He was the same way over Jessica [Simpson] when she left Nick [Lachey], and now he has his eye on Eva," continues the source.

But seeing as though Eva was totally blindsided by Tony’s cheating ways and is still head over heels for him, I highly doubt this Hollywood hookup will ever happen.

"No way is Eva thinking of another man right now," a friend of Eva’s says.

"Mayer can send all the flowers in the world and even show up under her window with his guitar and it would make no difference. Eva wants some alone time. She is still heartbroken about her marriage falling apart."

I say she should just go for it—John is the perfect rebound guy…fun for the moment! Eva should have a little fun with him!